GIVI - SR1178 Top Box Rack for Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin / Adventure Sports (20>22)

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MONOLOCK® or MONOKEY® compatible rack

SR_ _ _ kit is a mounting kit for a Givi top box. It may be a few simple brackets or it may be a complete rear frame. The top plate may or may not be included with the kit and it may be suitable for MONOKEY®, MONOLOCK®, or both. EVERY KIT IS DIFFERENT, so you will need to read the description carefully for the specific bike model. The description will explain if an additional plate is needed, which type of mounting system can be used and if there are any restrictions or complications based on the specific bike in question.

  • To be combined with the M5M7M8AM8BM9A or M9B MONOKEY® plate, or with the M5M or M6M MONOLOCK® plate, or with the aluminium bag holder EX2M
  • NOTE: It can only be mounted on the original rack of the CRF1100L Africa Twin
  • NOTE: If combined with M8A, M8B, M9A, M9B it does not allow the assembly of the stop light kit or the remote control device on the top-case
  • Top Boxes are sold separately
Motorcycle Compatibility:
Make: Model: Year:
CRF1100L Africa Twin (20 > 21)
Honda  CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (20 > 22)

Please visit the MY MOTORCYCLE section to confirm compatibility with your bike.

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