GIVI - TMT6410 Side Frames for Triumph Bonneville T120 (16>22)

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MULTILOCK® Metro T Range and soft side bags compatible rack

Cross between EASYLOCK® and MONOKEY®, the MULTILOCK® system is for semi-soft panniers from the Metro-T range. MULTILOCK® has mushroom buttons at the base and a clamp mechanism on the bag, which latches directly onto the pannier frame. There is a slight difference between the racks for the Metro-T and the Sport-T range. These racks can also be used for other soft side bags.


  • Metro T Range MT501 and MT501S and soft side bags
  • NOTE: It is not compatible with the specific rear rack SR6410
  • Side Bags are sold separately
Motorcycle Compatibility:
Make: Model: Year:
Triumph Bonneville T120 (16 > 22)

Please visit the MY MOTORCYCLE section to confirm compatibility with your bike.

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