KAPPA - KLOR7710N Side Racks for KTM 790 / 890 Adventure / R (19>21)


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Quick Release ONE-FIT Non-configured rack

The One-Fit rack system means a One-Fit pannier frame can be adapted to most pannier styles - either MONOKEY®, Cam-Side, Unifit, or simply left bare to act as a support for soft luggage. The frames are bike specific, so you will need to match the frame set to the bike With the One-Fit, you simply select an adapter kit to configure the pannier frame

MONOKEY® side cases - KOFMK

You can decide to change to a different style of pannier and not have to replace the entire pannier fitting system. Furthermore, the One-Fit frames are constructed from larger diameter Ø18mm tubing, as opposed to the traditional Ø16mm tubing, so they are more robust than previous Kappa pannier frames.

KLOR_ _ _ _N frames have a rapid removal system to allow the frames to be quickly and easily removed from the bike – only small, unobtrusive brackets remain bolted in place.

  • 18 mm diameter
  • Pannier cases and configuration kits are sold separately
Motorcycle Compatibility:
Make: Model: Year:
KTM  790 Adventure (19 > 20)
KTM 790 Adventure R (19 > 20)
KTM 890 Adventure (21)

Please visit the MY MOTORCYCLE section to confirm compatibility with your bike.

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