KAPPA - KSL101 Black Security Lock Set


Sizes: One
Sale priceR 516.99

Delivery in 3-7 working days. Free delivery for orders over R2,500


Replacement Parts:
Security lock set
Lock cylinder with black housing, sleeve, c-clip, key
1 Set / 2 Sets / 3 Sets / 5 Sets

 Not compatible with K21, K53, K48, K961, K40, K42, K30, K30B, K28, K25, BK14N

Compatible with:
Name: Description: Parts List:
K26 MONOLOCK® Top Cases View Parts
K34 MONOLOCK® Top Cases not available
K35 MONOLOCK® Top Cases View Parts
K46 MONOLOCK® Top Case View Parts
K47 Manta MONOLOCK® Top Cases View Parts
K49 MONOKEY® Top Case View Parts
K400 MONOLOCK® Top Case View Parts
K466 Urban MONOLOCK® Top Case View Parts
KGR33 GARDA MONOKEY® Top/Side Cases View Parts
KGR46 GARDA MONOKEY® Top/Side Cases View Parts
KGR52 Garda MONOKEY® Top Case View Parts
KVE37 K'Venture MONOKEY® Side Cases View Parts
KVE42 K'Venture MONOKEY® Top Case View Parts
KVE48 K'Venture MONOKEY® Top Case View Parts
KVE58 K'Venture MONOKEY® Top Case View Parts


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