MOTUL - 10W40 300V Factory Line 4T (1lt/4lt)

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Racing lubricant for race bikes
100% Synthetic – Double Ester
Recommendation:  All Race bikes fitted with high performance 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, race engines, qualifying engines running at high temperature, over a wide rpm range

Suitable for: Motorcycles

  • Extra engine power up to 3% : Double Ester technology. Tribologic tests performed put in evidence low traction coefficient of chosen polymer and complex Esters
  • Low traction coefficient reduces engine internal friction and then increase power output
  • Engine protection : 0% shear loss on Bosch test ASTM D6278 Gearbox protection : shear resistance improved by 66% on KRL 20 hours tests (CEC L-45-A-99) – test originally set up for gearbox lubricants, 10 times more severe than Bosch test
  • Extra power at the rear wheel : Wet clutch lock up improvement

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