MOTUL - 710 2T (1lt/4lt)

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High Performance 2 stroke engine lubricant
Lubrication by Oil Injector or Premix
100% Synthetic – Ester – Anti-Smoke
Recommendation:  All high performance 2 Stroke bikes, sports bikes, replicas, trails, off road bikes, enduro, mopeds… fitted with high performance 2 Stroke engines, running at high rpm in severe conditions, direct injection or carburettor

Suitable for: Motorcycles

  • 100% Synthetic lubricant, Ester technology, specially engineered for high performance engines running at high rpm, perfect oil film resistance to protect against wear.
  • Improved power output by minimizing engine internal friction
  • The international Japanese JASO Fx standard consists in passing 4 engine bench tests in order to evaluate lubricity, detergency, anti-smoke and anti-deposit 2T lubricant properties
  • JASO FD performance is the highest level of JASO standard and brings improved engine cleanliness compared to JASO FC
  • Formulation built on Ester and Synthetic base stocks with very high combustion properties which minimizes smoke and deposits

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