MOTUL - Gasoline Fuel Stabilizer (250ml)

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Size: 250ml
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Gasoline shelf life improver additive
Up to 24 months for 2 & 4 Stroke gasoline engines

Suitable for: Car, Marine, Motorcycle, Gardening engines, boat engines, ATV, UTV, scooter or snowmobile engines, historic vehicles…etc

MOTUL STABILIZER is a gasoline shelf life improver additive to be added directly to gasoline. Its unique multipurpose formulation protects gasoline against oxidation, thus avoiding gums build-ups inside carburettor and making easier start up after wintering, avoids deposits build ups in injection system, injector, carburettor, combustion chamber and on valves and cleans valves to get back optimum engine performance


  • Protects gasoline against oxidation up to 24 months
  • Protects engine against corrosion
  • Cleans injection system, injectors and carburettors
  • Prevents and cleans deposits on valves
  • Compatible with all type of gasolines, with or without Ethanol, leaded or unleaded
  • Compatible with all type of 2 Stroke gasolines, including premix fuels
  • Compatible with catalytic converters

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