MOTUL - Radiator Stop Leak (300ml)

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Size: 300ml
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Radiator sealant to stop cooling leakages
Suitable for all liquid cooled cooling systems
Recommendation: Can be used in a curative mode or in preventive mode

Suitable for:  Cars, Commercial, Farming, Heavy Duty, Motorcycles

MOTUL radiator stop leak is designed to be used in all types of Gasoline and Diesel engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without catalytic converter, using all kind of fuel. It effectively seals critical micro cracks and small leaks. Works quickly and easily in all liquid cooled, closed cooling systems. It is applicable to seal water coolers and heat exchangers, leaking water pumps, valves, loose connections and cracked coolant hoses without clogging the cooling system.

It can be used in a curative mode or in preventive mode use as well. Compatible with all types of coolants (inorganic, hybrid, lowbrid & OAT). Provides a perfect lubrication during sealing process of the coolant circuit.

  • Seals critical micro cracks and small leaks without clogging the cooling system
  • Improves the performance of valves, thermostats and water pumps
  • Decreases engine temperature


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