OPTIMATE 7 - TM260 Battery Charger (12V/24V/5A)

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8-step 12V 10A / 24V 5A sealed battery saving charger & maintainer

OptiMate 7 12-24V, the smart and powerful battery charger and maintainer for the 12V or 24V battery in your car, boat, RV, light aircraft or your medical equipment – The fastest charger for starter and deep cycle batteries

Designed for sensitive electronics: The SAVE program has been designed for SAFE fully automatic low volt start (from 0.5 Volts) and PULSE recovery of deep discharged batteries connected to very sensitive electronics e.g. light aircraft, industrial equipment.

  • Safe selection for 12V or 24V battery – Will not charge if selected voltage does not match battery voltage
  • Automatically charge, test and maintain any size 12V or 24V AGM, GEL, EFB or STD lead-acid starter or deep cycle battery in any temperature – Voltage adjusted higher when colder, lower when hotter
  • Ampmatic charge control adjusts current to match battery size – Small battery gets less, large battery gets more
  • Saves ‘dead flat’ batteries with ‘electronics safe’ recovery mode – User can over-ride voltage protection for ‘dead flat’ 24V battery
  • Smart inter-active maintenance prevents discharge from connected circuitry & guarantees more battery power, longer battery life

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